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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Still pissed with Payton

Remember that Dallas was staying in California for the
week between the SF and Oakland games because Parcells
said it would really help the coaches.

So how does de facto Offensive Coordinator Sean
Payton, with all that time to study, come up with that
dog of a game plan for Oakland? The offense looked
completely unprepared for everything Oakland threw at

The receivers didn’t get open.

No matter where Oakland brought pressure from, Dallas
had trouble picking it up.

I still have trouble quantifying this, but the offense
has no rhythm. It just seems like a disjointed bunch
of plays.

Finally, where are the adjustments? Yes, they came
back late in the game, but both big plays Dallas made
were somewhat fluky. The long pass to Glenn came on
what may have been the only play that the Oakland
pressure was picked up, and bombs are fluky by nature.
Most long passes have an element of hope/prayer.

The pass/run to Crayton was about one-third nice pass
play, two-thirds shoddy tackling. And if you didn’t
see it, it wasn’t run of the mill shoddy tackling, it
was epic shoddy tackling.

Shouldn’t Dallas be finding and exposing weaknesses
after halftime? Or, I don’t know, from the opening


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