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Monday, September 19, 2005

What the hell just happened?

I blame Roy Williams, though he wasn’t the only one. Bledsoe could have made a pass. Crayton could have held on and gotten the first down. Flozell Adams didn’t have to hold. Jose “The Hook” Cortez could have made that first FG.

But great players make great plays – all of them. Roy Williams made a lot of plays, but he didn’t make the ones he really needed to make. The late ones. The important ones.

He and Aaron Glenn teamed up to allow two long TDs in the last four minutes to lose the game. That’s what it boils down to. Those plays lost the game, and it was Roy Williams who didn’t make them.

There’s not a whole lot else to break down. Two plays. They ruined what could have been a really nice night. If I were to break down a third play, it would be the one where Roy let an INT go through his hands just before the first TD. That was not a tough catch, and he didn't make it.

Sean Payton, who I don’t trust, called a terrific game. I think he kept the Washington defense at bay by attacking the edges early, and using short drops by Bledsoe. Early in the game it was clear they weren’t going to let Bledsoe take deep drops and become a target.

The OL protected well, and the game plan was working. They moved the ball well enough, but couldn’t sustain enough drives.

Every Cowboys fan had to get queasy when they flashed that stat about Parcells being 77-0 when leading by 13 in the 4th quarter. What an idiotic stat to show. But it was shown for a reason – the jinx.

The only other meaningful observation I have is that sideline reporter Sam Ryan looks very, very serious, and has a freakishly large set of lower teeth. I don’t mean the individual teeth are large, but that she’s got a row of about 36 teeth there. She'd have a helluva smile if she wasn't so deadly serious reporting "news" like pulled hammies.


Blogger Maryland Cowboy said...

From a lifelong Cowboy living four miles from Fedex Field in Landover, MD.

The Landover "O" was so anemic, I frankly proceeeded to go sit on the can and read the newspaper once they put up for a 2nd time the Parcells 77-0 stat. Kind of like my own lil' victory cigar. I had no reason to be nervous with Brunnell's history under center in Landover. I come out and we're behind 14-13, but driving with minutes left. STILL, I was confident we'd win because of Wash's history of finding innumerable ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I was sure Landover would make that "last" mistake. Why not, they always make the "last" mistake to lose versus Dallas. Then Sean Taylor de-cleated Patrick Crayton at the first down marker on 3rd down. That hit might have very well redefined the Deadskins.

That hit is why Taylor can skip summer workouts locally and go pull guns on people in Miami; and as long as he's out of jail and on the field, everyone around
here gives him the benefit of the doubt.

11:21 AM

Anonymous Andrew McCarthy said...

I agree Roy Williams got burned but why is Aaron Glenn still playing in this league??

Did you notice the choke hold Sammy had on that microphone?!? I thought foam was going to come out of her mouth and she was going to go all Bill Cowher on us.

1:34 PM

Anonymous Jordy said...

If Roy'd made the plays, some sissy at the league office would have made a rule against it. Free Boy Roy.

2:18 PM


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