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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Week 1

Fox: The network of debauchery

As far as I could tell, Fox’s Sunday night lineup, for one night at least, was four shows about about how funny porn is, and at least two of them were animated.

They also had a promo for another show where they show a revolver being fired. No other context, just this scene of someone firing a gun.

Number one – does anyone even use a revolver any more?

And first of all, did hundreds of American viewers go, “whoo! Someone’s going to fire a revolver on that show! I’m going to watch that one!” The only reason I would tune in for that is if it were a reality show and Joe Buck were the one being fired upon. I think I’d rather listen to incompetence that his smarminess.

Rating the Uniforms

Cardinals – Thumbs down. I don’t hate them, but I think just red sleeves on the white jersey would look better. I don’t like the whole red shoulders. The new Cardinal looks like he just woke up.

Bills – Thumbs way up. I really like the color of blue in those “throwback” uniforms, and proof that it’s a quality uniform is that, other than the helmet, the uniform didn’t look like a throwback. It looks as good today as it did in 1965, and is in sharp contrast to the garish, 16-color pallette of their “modern” uniforms.

Lions – Neutral. I’m not sure they’re new, but black is so 1980’s. But they put enough blue and silver in the sleeves and numbers that it doesn’t look so black.

Predictive moment? The goal line stand

In the last two minutes of the game, Dallas dominated SD on 7 of 8 plays. The only successful Chargers play was a Hail Mary type throw when Dallas sent 8 rushers at Drew Brees. They made quality plays when they needed to, a welcome change after last year’s Murphy’s Law defense.

They were solid against the run, but I’m not sure I’d be happy about the playcalling if I were a Chargers fan. They had first and goal and a timeout with over 30 seconds left. They passed all four times. I think one of those downs I would have wanted to see the ball in Tomlinson’s hands.

Offense sputters way to 28 points

Shouldn’t I be happy with 28 points, 96 yards from Julius Jones, 18/24 passing for a bunch of yards from Bledsoe, and the emergence of Patrick Crayton?

Well, I am, with all that.

But, first, somebody erase the screen from the playbook. It will never, ever work. Never.

I would dismiss three straight penalties after getting a first down, but I don’t think it was an aberration.

Bledsoe got hit a lot, and several of his completions came rightbefore he got hit. Another split second and he would have had five fumbles instead of two.

It seemed like Sean Payton forgot about the run for a stretch in the 3rd and 4th quarters, but remembered it just in time on the game winning drive.


Anonymous Jordy said...

The FOX guys did a bang-up job here on the Bear game.

Moose Johnston told us the keys to Kyle Boller making his NFL debut as our QB.

He also was talking to some DC politico about the week's tragic events and how NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle did a great job.

Dick Stockton called the Redskin QB "Scott Brunell" repeatedly, as in at last 8 times. At one point, he said "It's not Scott, it's MARK Brunell" and then called him Scott again on the very next play. It may be time for Dick's wife (Phyllis George) to snuff him out in the night already.

3:06 PM

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