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Monday, September 26, 2005

Stupidly staying in San Francisco

Dallas is playing Oakland this week, after playing in San Francisco last week, so the team is staying in California for the whole week. This is Parcells’ stupid idea. His reasoning is that it really helps the coaches. He says they’ll have all the film watched before a plane to Dallas would have even taken off.

Great. I’m sure it also pisses off the players. might only tell us about a select few, like Roy Williams, who are from the area and actually looking forward to being home.

And of course, the philanderers.

But I’m betting most would have preferred to go home and be comfortable with their family, friends, cars, stereos, etc.

Should they play worse because they might be miserable after a few days in a hotel? Probably not. Would it be human to just want to get home, and not practice with full concentration because you were wishing you were someplace else? Probably. But then there’s this from the Dallas Morning News:

Parcells, who coached the New York Giants for nine seasons (1982-90), kept his team on the West Coast in 1984 for a pair of consecutive road playoff games against the Rams and 49ers. Five years later, the Giants stayed the week in Arizona, after playing the Cardinals, before flying up to Los Angeles for a regular-season game with the Rams.
In both scenarios, Parcells' teams went 1-1, losing the second game both times.

It really just isn’t that long of a trip. If the lose, it will probably be because they still can’t defend Randy Moss. If they’re lethargic, it might just be because they had a crappy week of practice with bad attitudes.

Speaking of Moss, I’m sure the wise guys might be looking at how Washington and SF made big giant huge plays in the passing game, and assume the vertical Raiders will do the same. I’m not so sure. If I were a gambler, I’d stay away from this game. The Raiders are dangerous, despite being 0-3, and Dallas hasn’t established that they can beat an inferior team just because. Especially on the road.

Especially at the end of the longest road trip they’ve ever taken.


Blogger Rowdy said...

The philanderers = 85% of the team.

6:31 PM

Blogger az said...

Nah, only 58% are even married.

6:52 AM

Anonymous Jordy said...

On staying away from the Raiduh game, I'd have to agree. Color me silver, black, and impressed that they didn't turn the ball over once against the Eagles last week.

KColl will go back to being a turnover machine, but the Polish Rifle is all that kept them from winning.

On philanderers, someone pointed me to this site, though it appears to be mostly baseball players trying to stank up their hang-low.

2:14 PM


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