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Thursday, September 01, 2005's Doc Z says 10-6 for Dallas

I didn't read his whole picks explanation, number one, because it took me so long to copy it into a text editor because of each division being on a separate page. That, making single items into multi-pages so we can presumably see more ads, may be the beginning of the end of this internet craze.

2. COWBOYS (10-6 (and wildcard))
In 2004 Vinny Testaverde was sacked 34 times. That's a good statistic, because the number is right around the league average and Vinny, as we know, was a lot slower than the average quarterback. Can the line set up a wall for Drew Bledsoe, who likes to hold the ball? I think so, and that, of course, is the issue, because the Cowboys' defense will be active and opportunistic and will force turnovers.

We know that Vin was a lot slower than average? I bet he wasn't, by any measure you can take.

He thinks the line can set up a wall for Bledsoe? Based on what? I guess with 32 teams to write about, this kind of superficial analysis should be expected. I'm not going to say he's wrong, but he doesn't... know. He can't know. They have possibly three new starters, and the only clear presumed upgrade (Marco Riviera at RG) had back surgery in the offseason and didn't look real good to me in the one game he played, and hasn't played the last two preseason games because of a hammy.

But finally, this is a straight up crock: "The defense will be active" -- I'd take him to task just for saying that. I mean, if I said that, what would he say? "I doubt the whole defense would be inactive on game day, so you're probably right." But the "and force turnovers"? He must have seen DeMarcus Ware's good game against Seattle, because Dallas hasn't forced turnovers since the mid-90's. They're switching from 4-3 to 3-4, and will have some new starters, but I think they're going to have to prove they'll force turnovers before being expected to.


Anonymous Jordy said...

On the multi-page wrinkle to this internet craze, try the Print This and then do your copying and pasting. Howevuh, I have noted in the past that on CNNSI, even their printable versions are multi-paged, which is ridiculous.

Anyhoo, I'm not West Coast Doc Z correspondent TJ, but I did write to him and say nearly the same thing about the Chicago Bears being ranked 32ND, behind even San Francisco.

But where TJ was crackpot and suggested the Doc must have been bullied by his editors, I posed the more realistic scenario that he was making a statement about the Bears having the worst front office in the league, including giving Cedric Benson the business.

Doc's not a management guy, we know that, but he wasn't ranking front offices, so calling the Bears the worst team in the league will be proven rather silly (by a very, very good defense).

11:27 AM

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