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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Other stuff

I got really annoyed with Bernie Kukar’s holding signal. He grabs his wrist and kind of shakes it. It’s weird and doesn’t make any sense. It’s like he was making a signal for handcuffing.

DeMarcus Ware was neutralized, one on one. The Redskins Chris Samuels did the job Monday night and against SF it was Jon Jennings. He’s playing the run well, and actually getting closer than Kavika Pittman or Shante Carver ever did, but he’s hasn’t been the game-changer he showed in the preseason.

I also spotted him taking false steps several times. When speed is your game, explosion is everything. And you can’t explode if you’re running in place for even a split second at the snap.

The Cowboys scored a TD on the drive, so here’s another thing that will be forgotten. Terry Glenn caught a long ball and was behind the D when he stopped and put a move on some ghost out there. Who was he juking? It allowed another defender to catch up to him and bring him down. I was apoplectic.

I’m really not disgusted with (the ads for) Family Guy. I’m disgusted that someone must think those ads make me want to watch.

Don’t grill and watch football unless the TV is outside. I paused the Tivo, put some pork chops on the grill, and then came back in and tried to watch a little, then go turn them, then watch a little, etc. It just doesn’t work. Tend to the game, stop the game, or just realize you’ll miss part of it, then tend to the grill. I didn’t make them dull, gray masses of sand, but pork can’t be overcooked, regardless of what Mom always said. Just barely white, even a little pink is fine.

I hate 4 o’clock games.


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