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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hero to Zero: Bledsoe vs. the Washington D

I’ve got a really bad feeling about Monday night’s game. Like, 7 sacks 3 fumbles bad.

Bledsoe played pretty well against San Diego, but he was sacked four times and fumbled twice, losing one on a botched exchange with the center. San Diego doesn’t have a premier pass rusher and had only 33 sacks last year.

Washington may not have a premier pass rusher either, but they put 8 in the box on every play. Unless…

Unless it’s last year’s Monday night game against Dallas. Dallas came out on their first offensive series with in a four WR set. I understood it, but hated it. The Washington defense doesn’t care about leaving their DB’s in one-on-one coverage because they’re gambling that they can get to your QB first.

Testaverde threw a hurried incompletion and took a sack as Dallas went 3 and out. They tried going 4-wide later in the game with about the same result.

Four WR against an aggressive D can work if you have two things, an accurate QB with a quick release and an OL that can give the QB enough time to let at least one of the receivers get open. It’s possible Bledsoe is the former, but the Cowboys certainly don’t have the latter.


Anonymous Andrew McCarthy said...

You wanna see how Drew does against a pass rush just check out the Burger King commercial.

10:00 AM

Blogger Rowdy said...

Bledsoe's an IR injury waiting to happen.

I wonder why the Cowboys would hitch their wagon to a player who must have something like a 40-60% chance of not lasting the entire season.

11:19 AM

Anonymous Jordy said...

We (the Beloved Bear) played them last week and I'm still disgusted that, with a rookie QB who'd taken about 7 preseason snaps with the offense, we ran 18 rush and 28 pass attempts.

I don't care if they have 8 in the box, you have to try to run. Impose your will!

Tell Drew to aim high. Kyle Orton is 6'4" and they were batting his balls right back at an alarming clip.

No matter how Bledsoe plays, it'll be better than their Godboy.

And yo, Rowdy Roddy, I gotta disagree with your percentages - when's Bledsoe missed so many games to be dubbed a 40 percenter? And why'd you hit Jimmy Snuka with that coconut anyway?

11:40 AM

Blogger az said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:58 PM

Blogger az said...

Andy (Z) agrees with Jordy, Rowdy. No reason to think he'll get hurt, even if he takes a lot of hits. He's been surprisingly durable.

If he does get hurt, it will probably be something fluky, like the punctured lung. Or the only other time he missed a game was when he bashed a finger on somebody's helmet, something like that.

Last year I thought I wanted Brunell, but I think I'd clearly rather have Bledsoe (if I must have one). The difference between the two is that Brunell is more concerned about self-preservation. At least Bledsoe hangs in there. I believe he wants to make a play, and that's better than bailing out early. Shrug, I guess.

8:01 PM

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