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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Good Coach, Bad Manager: Cowboys overcome Parcells' gaffes

With about five minutes to play in the third quarter, down by five, the Cowboys pulled a quasi-fake punt, essentially going for it on 4th down, AT THEIR OWN 35. This is indefensible.

This is another case of Parcells saying one thing and doing another. To the press, he talks like he’s Mr. Conservative, like he’s all about field position. But he’s actually beyond a gambler, he’s just reckless. The outcome of the 49er drive, a turnover, is irrelevant. Going for it in that situation was ridiculous.

Down 21-12, after missing the extra point after their first TD, the Cowboys went for two, IN THE SECOND QUARTER. That is a no-brainer. The only reasons are mathematical, but you shouldn’t be doing math and chasing points in the 2nd quarter.

Cowboys won, he’ll spin it, it’ll be forgotten. But this was last year all over again. Parcells is a terrible game manager who actively seeks to win or lose games on single decisions, rather than taking a holistic approach to managing the game. That’s right, holistic. Down, distance, score, clock, personnel.


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