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Monday, September 19, 2005

BZZZZ! Star Players and Hall of Famers working the phones

I hate to be that jackass again, and I’m sure lots of money was raised for hurricane relief, but I’m calling BS on the NFL players and execs working the phones, on several counts.

1 – What was with the phones? My Mom hasn’t had a phone like that since the 80’s. Who would use a phone like that? If it was f’real, they would have had headsets and…

b) – Keyboards. Yeah, right, they were manually filling out these forms. I’m sure that’s a very efficient and accurate way to record the information they were fake-getting over the phones they were trying to hold up to their ears.

III. – Fake filling out the forms. Back in high school I was in some organization that volunteered to work the phones during the Public TV auction or telethon thing they did. We were instructed to make it look like we were all busy. There was about 10 of us, and we got, I don’t remember exactly, about two calls an hour. But when the camera came on, they had this…

(D) – Fake ringer. And when the fake ringer went off, one of us was supposed to pick up our phone and pretend to be taking a pledge. To their credit I suppose, the fake ringer the NFL employed was also from the 80’s to match the phones. It could have been a real “ringy” one from the 70’s. Gifford was clearly faking filling out his form, because he’s older than 80% of the franchises in the NFL and doesn’t understand the concept of making it look good.

Nice enough gesture, but I would have taken their word for it if they just told me there were real players answering the phones.

OK, I wouldn’t have taken their word for it, but this left no doubt.


Anonymous mike said...

I totally agree - just wrote a post about it.

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