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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Who’s the backup? Who cares. It’s the starter, stupid

Yawn. Dallas beat Houston 21-9 a few days ago. The offense looked inconsistent, the defense didn’t look as good as Houston’s offense looked bad. Tell me again why Dave Carr is the Next Big Thing? He had a couple passes dropped, but he wasn’t sharp, especially on anything over five yards. It was only half a game, but it was a pretty lousy half.

But in Dallas, the rage in the press, fueled I suppose by the Cowboys website, are these HOT position battles. The most important thing in the world is apparently who will back up Drew Bledsoe.

Actually, it’s not even that. It’s that Tony Romo is the backup, but Parcells refuses to say it. It’s as if when, or if ever, Bill Parcells says, “Tony Romo is the #2,” church bells will ring and regular programming will be interrupted to report the non-news.

Cowboys Roundup has this covered, and so did I a while back. Bledsoe will play until he has a debilitating injury or the end of the season. So how’s he looking?

Not real good. Better with each week though, and I can only hope the passing game has been conservative by design. I think it has, based mostly on the lack of balls thrown Keyshawn’s way. I really don’t think they’ve worked the middle of the field or the bread and butter intermediate routes.

Instead we’ve been treated to a steady diet of the impossible screen pass, and short stuff to Witten. All the QB’s have found Patrick Crayton down the field.

Point is I have no idea how Bledsoe’s doing. The OL was pitiful against Arizona and he had no chance. He was pedestrian against Seattle. And his final numbers against Houston were solid, though a lot of it came on one 80-yard drive. If the offense has been limited, I’d grade him a B. If they’ve really been trying, a C.


Anonymous Jordy said...

Shut the fuck up, anonymous. We have no interest in getting a life or buying a stroller. You're a cancer to society.

Dr. Z is a huge Cowboy fan, apparently. 10-6! Jord takes personal offense at the prediction for the beloved Bears. I accept that he can think they'll go 3-13, but to put them below the 49ers is a slap in the face.

He can hate on them for the pathetic front office, but the Bears D is going to be one of the very best in the league in 2005. If the Bears don't win more than 3 ballgames, I'll buy something from the shitbot's home decor site.

6:40 AM

Anonymous Jordy said...

Oh boy, I must have been hallucinating again, seeing comments that weren't there.

If you want a backup who already knows your system, Chad Hutchinson's on the market again. I still don't get how the Bears thought he was their #1 QB, then a week later he's too horrible to make the team at all. Very stable, guys. Glad you're definite.

6:59 AM

Blogger az said...

I just realized I have the power to delete comments. So don't piss me off! I wonder if I can edit them so every appears to agree with me?

12:10 PM


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