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Monday, August 08, 2005

Rolling Stones, MNF, NFL: WTF?

How does this happen -- All but one of the Ramones are dead, but all but one of the Rolling Stones are still alive. That's just not right.

Now the Stones are teaming with the NFL and ABC to provide "electrifying performances and state-of-the-art stage production."

Ffft. Shyeah.

Who...? What...what the...? Who listens to the Rolling freaking Stones any more?

Who is the musical advisor to the NFL? This is like the Super Bowl halftime shows with acts that haven't been popular in at least a decade. Must be they couldn't find another Boston band. I think Aerosmith was last year's Kickoff band. Must be The Cars were busy or couldn't stomach each other for a reunion. Or, I don't know, maybe Ric Ocasek is dead too.

Come on Tagliabue, pick up a Dropkick Murphy's CD for chrissakes.


Blogger Anthony Boselli said...

Ocasek is definitely dead. The walking around and talking may throw people off, but that boy's dead.

7:05 AM

Anonymous Jordy said...

Obviously Peter Gammons should be musical advisor to the nation. Isn't Social Distortion from Boston? That's one of Peter's hot bands in 2005.

Juliana Hatfield and Freda Boner are probably still hot (and living), maybe the Blake Babies can make a comeback, with special guest Slapshot.

7:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Anthony Boselli said...

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12:00 PM

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