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Friday, August 05, 2005

Peter King's Somethingest Something

A few years ago Peter King lamented why WE have to dub something the "somethingest something." Yet Pete does this routinely. Pretty much weekly, or oftener during the preseason, when his diaries appear daily at

From August 4th:

"What did you think of 'Seabiscuit'?'' I ask.

"Haven't read it,'' Shanahan says. "Saw the movie. Really liked it.''

"You've got to read the book,'' I say. "It's better. One of the best sports books ever.''

Pete's always good for an eye roll or three. In the same column he rags on his 4-star hotel, in this case, the exercise equipment at the Westin in Denver:
And one gripe with the elliptical trainer, by the way: It's got a 15-minute limit on it. Did you know, Westinians, that you need to get 20 minutes of a 135-beat heartbeat, consecutively, four times a week, to do the right thing for your heart? Give us a 20-minute limit, at least.
Maybe they do things differently in a hotel exercise room, but how does the hotel put a governor on an elliptical trainer, and why would they? Shouldn't Pete be aggravated with the manufacturer? I suppose it is Westin's fault for buying the inferior machine.

Then again, just start the stupid thing over and quit after five more minutes. How inconvenient could that really be? Stupid 4-star hotels.


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