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Monday, August 08, 2005

Peter King Non-Sequitur of the Day

g. Thank the Lord for the Kansas City Royals.
I get this one. To understand this one, you have to know Pete is a Red Sox fan. Then you have to know the Royals just swept the Yankees.


Anonymous Jordy said...

Actuarily, Pete's beloved Red Sox just drove their $150 million gorilla over the Royals for a sweep last week. That's definitely worthy of Pete thanking the Lord.

You're right, though, the Royals did sweep the Yanks earlier in the season and that could end up being the difference.

Pete may also be Thank Lording that the Athletics rolled the Royals by about 102-3 over the weekend, as this could swing the AL wildcard to the AL West (and leave the Yanks out).

6:52 AM

Blogger az said...

See where I am without context?

9:01 AM

Blogger Anthony Boselli said...

First Gammons is on the $20, now the HOF. This guy is huge.

6:01 AM

Blogger Anthony Boselli said...

First Gammons is on the $20, now the HOF. This guy is huge.

6:01 AM

Anonymous Jordy said...

I'm eagerly awaiting Pete's next MMQB, to see if he uses "Piss and vinegar" for a 3rd week in a row.

I bet some reactionaries "corrected" him that it's really "pith and vinegar", Pete silently agreed, but technically "piss and vinegar" is accepted, so he simply had to use it a 2nd week in a row to stick it.

7:58 AM

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