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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Offense: Stinks less like cat box

And more like fresh garbage. Garbage stinks, but you still don’t take it out until the bag is full. It’s a tolerable stink.

The OL was sub par, but that’s a step up from the Arizona game. Rookie RT Rob Petitti was not a statue. He might be OK with help and a couple more weeks of practice. C Al Johnson has one gear, reverse, but at least he sticks with his blocks until the play is over, unlike his competitor for the starting job, Andre Gurode. Johnson is not good, but he’s better than Gurode. Larry Allen and Flo Adams were OK.

Bledsoe was not good, but again this is a non-issue. Bledsoe is the QB, and he will be all year. He got a lot more time in the pocket this week but still didn’t do much with it, and even scrambled a couple times. One time he put his head down and made a diving attempt at the first down marker. He didn’t make it and took a hit. Ordinarily I’d admire that, but he looked like a giraffe on roller skates doing it.

Julius Jones looked great. He won’t need much daylight to make things happen. A threat every time he touches the ball.

WR Terry Glenn has been invisible, and apparently Keyshawn has never been a big preseason player. Third WR appears to have been locked up by Patrick Crayton, and he looks solid. Along with Witten, the receivers are a good group.

This could be a frustrating unit. Good enough to win most games, but the line and QB are so far below elite that they’ll always lose to the good teams.


Anonymous Jordy said...

I caught NFL Live this morning and they had Salisbury and Golic playing "I think I think" and "I know" ... that so and so will happen this season.

Stutterin' Mike shouted "I I I I I KNOW that Drew Bledsoe won't play all 16 games this season. Drew's a statue and and and and that O-line is inconsistent."

Who does Coach-A-Go-Go send out in relief, Romo or Henson?

6:19 AM

Anonymous Andrew McCarthy said...

Look for Bledsoe to be "not good" a lot this year.

We'll see if it's a non-issue around Week 5.

9:54 AM


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