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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Looking forward to a pasting

No, not of the Cowboys, by the Cowboys. What? Where my negativity at?

Seattle, last I knew, was a sieve on defense, and a perenially inconsistent tease on offense.

The buzz says Dallas is going to have a game plan this time, after not having one for Arizona.

Julius Jones ran for, I don’t know, almost 200 yards against them last year.

The less worse of the two Cowboys’ centers, Al Johnson, will be starting.

Ty Walter, an underrated plugger, will start at RG, and rookie RT Rob Petitti can’t possibly be as bad as he was against Arizona.

It’s Monday Night Football, so maybe even Adams and Allen show up like it’s a real game. They’ll probably wager who John Madden will talk about more, so they’ll be actively trying to bury their opponent.

I hoped Jason Ferguson would be starting at NT, but he’s still out with an ankle. Still, Dallas did a nice job against the run in Arizona, and there’s no reason to think the D will regress off that effort. It’s just Matt Hasslebeck.

So I expect Dallas to score a couple times with the first team in there, and another couple times after that.

Check out Seattle backup QB Seneca Wallace. I saw a Seattle preseason game last year and he really impressed me. He has a freakishly quick drop, and I think their offense really suits him.


Anonymous Jordy said...

So when do you join Parcells and start worrying about JFerg?

Here's some bulletin-board material for you guys (screw context):

> Tomlinson capped San Diego's first drive when he sprinted through a huge hole, ran toward the right sideline and blew past safety Adam Archuleta for the score.

> "I wish it was the Cowboys," Tomlinson said.

Which is to say he wished it were you guys. Get him!

3:17 PM

Blogger az said...

Why we oughtta...

Roy Williams is faster than Archuleta, so he'll probably catch him (after getting blown by), horse collar him, and bust his leg like he did TO.

Don't mess with Texas.

7:44 PM


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