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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Least Controversial Position: Quarterback

The Dallas Morning News did a story on the backup QBs the other day, a day after the Cowboys’ own website did the same.


Eh, maybe that’s too harsh. As team websites go, is pretty good. Constantly updated, and while the criticism is never harsh, they’re not too cheerleader-y over there. Unless it’s Mick Spagnola cheerleading for Chad Hutchinson, but that has entertainment value.

The DMN could do worse on their own than just copying Cowboys press releases.

The only difference in the two stories about Henson and Romo was that Henson may, or may not, be reverting back to a sidearm motion after throwing 6,000 passes this offseason.

The DMN said he was, but maybe they just misread the press release, which said he wasn’t.

I didn’t think his motion was all that bad last year, but coaches love to work on technique. And in the Bears game where he played a full half, Henson’s deep passes did float. So he’s supposed to be coming over the top to get more velocity and accuracy.

All camp reports have Henson’s accuracy as lacking. No word on his velocity.

Not much was said about Romo, but does it really matter?

I expect Drew Bledsoe to play every minute of every game this year. Discounting 2001’s punctured lung as a fluke injury, he’s missed six games in his career, and three of those were as a rookie.

Not only is he extremely durable, he should be good enough to keep the backups at bay. Bledsoe would have to be an abject failure, for several weeks, before Parcells would even acknowledge there might be a problem.

There’s no reason Bledsoe shouldn’t be pretty good, other than a potentially shoddy OL. The running game should be fine, and if healthy, the receivers are good. Not great, but good.

The TE, he’s great.

Vinny Testaverde was 35 and seemingly washed up when Parcells coaxed a career year out of him in 1998 with the Jets. So at 33, it’s possible Bledsoe could do the same. He’s taken too many sacks and thrown too many interceptions lately. But he should lose less games on his own than Testaverde, and could win a lot more.

He’s probably the biggest question mark, or at least the most important question mark on this year’s team. But he’s also somewhat of a sure thing. If he has an average year, he’ll throw more TD’s than INT’s. I think this offense will suit him, and it’s more likely he’ll have an above average year than below.


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