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Monday, August 15, 2005

Kidding themselves

This weeks lies, damn lies, and statistics.

"A couple of times, I was able to get to my No. 4 progression and I didn't have anybody open," said Bledsoe, who was sacked twice and fumbled.

Romo replaced Bledsoe and completed his first five passes. The numbers don’t tell the story though. The most striking thing was how fast Romo got the ball out, relative to Bledsoe. Romo didn’t seem to have problem finding his #1 progression, usually Witten, and even when Witten was covered.

"We wanted to get this running game going," said Bledsoe

They ran 6 times while Bledsoe was in. Bledsoe threw 8 passes and was sacked twice for a total of 10 passing plays.

"When we get into a game like that, where the defense puts eight men in the box and put our receivers into one-on-one matchups outside, you can expect us to be on the attack," Bledsoe said.

Six, seven, eight in the box, it didn’t matter. Bledsoe got nothing going. Of the 18 plays for the first team offense, the Cardinals put 8 men in the box on 4 of them. One was on 3rd and short, two others were runs, and on the one pass play when Arizona put 8 in the box, Bledsoe was immediately sacked and fumbled after a five step drop.

Don’t blame some phantom 8-in-the-box defense for your crappy play.

Finally, Mick Spagnola, from Cowboys PR:

There are a few things you must understand. For a first preseason game, the Cardinals sure did a lot of blitzing.

Define a lot. Three times they blitzed, twice Dallas ran, and the third time they had a screen on, which lost yardage not because of the bltiz, but because the Dallas OL is incapable of successfully executing a screen.


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