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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Interest in Peer Price

Dallas is looking into signing Peerless Price, according to their website.

Jerry Jones says they're looking into it, Parcells says he thinks Price is a pretty good player, but no visit is planned, and they would have to visit in order to sign him according to Jones.

Translation: Price thinks he can still get a lot of money, more than Dallas is willing to pay. If Price can't find the dough in the next couple days, Jones wants Price to call him.

At the right price, Price could be a nice pickup. He might be a malcontent, he might think he's better than he really is, I don't know. I know Mike Vick hasn't been a consistent passer, so Price could have a big year with the right team. A team willing to make him part of the offense, and throw him the ball down the field. I think Dallas would do that, but I think somebody will pay Price more than Dallas is willing to.


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