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Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Glimmer of Hope: Roy Williams

From Saturday’s scrimmage report:

Williams drew a loud reaction from the crowd with a hit on running back Anthony Thomas. Williams, sometimes lining up in the box, later tackled Jones in the backfield for a five-yard loss.

"I love these new schemes," he said. "Man, I'm in the mix. I can't complain at all. I'm down there where I want to be and we're gonna make some things happen."

Not counting any potential surprise rookie, Roy Williams is the only bonafide playmaker on the Cowboys defense. He didn’t make many plays last year, but he was wasted as a free safety. This year he’ll be SS full time, and that means he’ll be near the line of scrimmage all the time.

Dude, please, make some things happen.

I think Williams is already better than Darren Woodson ever was. Neither was much in coverage, but Williams, when given the opportunity, has already shown he can blitz, and has more size and speed than Woodson did.

When I daydream defensive plays, a lot of them end with Williams shooting a gap and sticking Tiki Barber for a four yard loss. I don’t daydream that as often as daydreaming winning the lottery, but I daydream plays sometimes.

The NY Daily News is reporting that Dallas has contacted at least three teams looking for free safety help. That makes me a little queasy. I’ve never cared for Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer, and I’m afraid he’ll move Willams back there at least part time, under the guise of getting guys lined up in the right spot or some other cockamamie excuse about making the defensive calls.


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