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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Defense: Curbing my enthusiasm

My enthusiasm has a pretty good governor anyway, but I have to put a little extra effort into not getting excited about DE/OLB DeMarcus Ware.

Sack, forced fumble, recovered fumble, plays the run well, runs across the field and makes an INT, forces another fumble, gets Parcells water.

But like Parcells said, don’t put him in Canton yet.

He was a force. Now do it again. And in the regular season. And more consistently. Ware played a lot, but in the 2nd half he didn’t really do anything.

It’s been a while since Dallas has had a guy who could rush the passer on his own. If he can do that, he’ll make a lot of the guys around him look better.

So will NT Jason Ferguson, who was not in the lineup again. It’s not saying much, er, it’s not saying anything really, but the D looks like it could be a lot better than last year.

That would be due to the front 7, because Matt Hasselbeck consistently found open receivers, completing 80% of his passes for substantial yardage. I hope that the PR from the Cowboys is right. They say it’s the learning curve of the new defense and/or the preseason is when these things get worked out. That’s plausible. I’d feel better if it were Peyton Manning and Daunte Culpepper lighting them up instead of Kurt Warner and Matt Hasselbeck, but I’m hopeful.


Anonymous Jordy said...

No he di'int! Parcells didn't use the "Let's not put him in Canton yet" line, did he?

My favorite use of it of all times was when Wanny coached the Beloved Bears and young RB James Allen just went off for about 170 and 2 TDs.

Wanny says to the reporters, he says: "Aaap, come awn guys, let's not get stupid and put Tremayne in Canton yet."

Somewhere in the locker room, 4th string TE Tremayne Allen's ears perked up, and James Allen's game ball went limp.

6:13 AM


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