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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Deep and talented: Running back

I don’t play fantasy football, but I did look at ESPN’s fantasy draft results for leagues that have already held their draft. Julius Jones’s average draft spot is 21st.


I guess that’s about right. He had a great 7 games to finish last season, but he’s unproven, and the Dallas offense is questionable.

But what’s not right is that Lions RB Kevin Jones average draft spot is 8th, and Will McGahee’s average spot is 12th. What do those two players, and their teams, have going for them that Juli Jones does not?

Julius is good. Fast and powerful. I have high expectations for him this season.

How many other RB’s Dallas keeps, and which ones, hasn’t been decided. If they keep a fullback, it will only be one, and it’s really inconsequential which one as they run out of a one-back set a lot, or motion the TE into the backfield to block.

Dallas did waste a draft pick on Marion Barber III. Barber looked OK against Arizona and the reports from camp are mixed but generally favorable. But it was a wasted pick because he doesn’t seem to be an upgrade over ReShard Lee, who Dallas cut this offseason. Lee got in Parcells’ dog hotel and couldn’t get out, no matter how many yards per carry he averaged.

The rage of camp is undrafted free agent Tyson Thompson. Thompson showed off his blazing speed by repeatedly getting to and turning the corner against Arizona‘s 3rd team defense. He looked like he had some skeels and appears to be a lock to make the team.

The last candidate is Anthony Thomas, formerly of the Bears. Thomas has experience and has rushed for over 1,000 yards in a season. He didn’t play much against Arizona, but looked like the 4th best back on the squad.

If something happens to Jones this year, Dallas is in a much better position to still have a viable running game than they were last year when they had decrepit Ed George for half the season.


Anonymous Jordy said...

"I don't play fantasy football."

Bawk bawk, bagawwwwkkk! How you like them apples, clownschnitzel?

Your last RB canidate, the A-Train, has rushed for 1000 yards in a NUMBER of seasons (where he didn't even play a couple games). Two, including his Rookie of the Year campaign.

He'd still be the best RB on the Bears, WE just didn't like him now because he was a leftover from the previous GM, now he's backing up the better of the Brothers Jones.

Train's gonna come in handy, trust me. He's Hambo with talent.

9:06 AM

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