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Monday, August 01, 2005

Cowboys to stink in 2005

I'm feeling very negative about this season, and it mostly stems from hearing and reading Bill Parcells' shtick. There are very few men I'd rather have coaching the Cowboys than Parcells, but I'm sick of his act. I'd rather he coach 'em up and shut up.

Hearing him play the media and talk about himself took me back to last year when he botched... well, last year.

"The draft choices, there is always a learning curve. But in my experience there are some positions (defensive line and running back) where we are trying to integrate new players which require less mental awareness and a little more physical abilities. So you can expect something there."

Unless it's Reshard Lee in 2004 and Parcells refused to play him saying he didn't know the playbook. What Parcells says, means, and does, are often different things.

Talking about Bledsoe, he said he had no choice in 2003 but to be conservative and run 35 times, implying Quincy Carter couldn't win a game with his arm. Except maybe the Panthers game, when Parcells, who calls the plays, kept calling for passes to seal the game in the 4th quarter. After which he made his famous tear-eyed "they can't call you losers any more" speech.

Or talking about learning from last year, when he continued to force things with Testaverde.

"But we just absolutely have to improve our team in many areas . . . I just feel like, this was a retrospective view, certainly, there would have been a better way to go. It might not have been ecstatically pleasing but it probably would have turned out a little better if I had done it."
Ya think? I don't want to hear about Bill Parcells learning things. He is Bill Freaking Parcells. It's like what Harv Keitel tells Matt McConaughey in U-571, "don't ever say you don't know. Skipper always knows." It shouldn't take an offseason to figure out you're doing the wrong things.


Anonymous Alan said...

Yeah. Okay.
Some 'guy' in his mom's basement wants to rag on a Hall of Fame Footbal coach.
If you don't keep learning, the game will pass you by. Witness Joe Gibbs and his inept return to the Washington Foreskins. I have an idea, lets get you to coach!! You are smart! Doesn't your mama tell you that every morning with the hot cocoa and cereal she makes you? How about you do something - coach junior league? - before you spout off with nonsense.
Bite me Loser.

9:00 AM

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