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Monday, June 13, 2005


It rained on Sunday, delaying the game about an hour, and I had the kids, and it was just damn hot. So I didn't go see Bryan Bullington. I kinda wished I had so I could see with my own eyes if he has anything. I did hear this on the Red Wings radio broadcast from Joe Castellano, "At Ball St. Bullington reportedly threw 93, 94, 95mph, but we haven't seen anything close to that today." Emphasis his. I don't know if that means he topped out at 90 or 86. I don't know Castellano's definition of "close."

If Bullington throws 89 consistently, there's still a chance he could contribute. If he throws 86 at best? Not so much.

Statistically, he pitched well, with 7 K's and no earned runs in six innings.

I wonder if really humid days, or days where the sun comes out after a thunderstorm, affects hitting much. I was very hazy after the rain, and Rochester's Boof Bonser whiffed 13 in six innings. He's a strikeout pitcher, but that's exceptional.


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